Bandići - What to do

Katunska nahija with mountains Lovćen, Stavor, Šiljevica, Kopitnik, Garčevo, Pusti lisac, etc., and numerous hills, valleys, basins, Karst depressions, fields and high plains, represents untouchable natural reserve where its numerous settlers still live and work in traditional manner. Saved rural settlements with characteristic ethno-features and cultural and historical monuments, as well as local population with their products and traditional way of living, are all together a tourist challenge for visitors of this area.

Farming cooperative “Katunski Dom“- Bandići  has made a tourist info-point for taking visitors and tourists and offers the following programme:

  • Taking and transport of guests, visitors in the Farming cooperative “Katunski Dom” Bandići  – a traditional welcome and introduction to the visiting programme
  • Touring of ethno houses in the this region
  • Visiting wine cellars and wine tasting
  • Touring of cultural and historical monuments
  • Going up to lookouts
  • Visiting cattle farms and products degustation
  • Hiking
  • Visiting honey producers and degustation

This offer requires an all-day stay and includes two meals: breakfast and lunch made exclusively of domestic products made in traditional way.

Minimal group is 10, and maximal 15 people.

The price of this all-day arrangement with meals and transportation included is €30 per person.    

It is necessary to make a prior arrangement 7 days in advance for adequate preparation of hosts.