Cetinje - What to do

Host: Radojica Radović

At the very entrance into Cetinje, there is a structure designed in authentic style for degustation of honey and honey-based delicacies with traditional food priganice (a kind of doughnuts), owned by Radojica Radovic.

He has around 160 bee-hives situated in three locations: Kosijer, Cetinje and Boljesestre. He gathers cca 1500 kilos of honey yearly.

Besides getting around the bee yard and trying honey products, you can hear many stories and legends connected with nonmaterial treasure of Cetinje told by this remarkable intellectual and bee lover.

In addition to existing ones, he is planning to make museum samples of monolith and oak beehives. He also possesses interesting sculptures made of wood used as supports for exhibiting a part of his products and collections of stories about honey and honey production techniques.

The visit programme starts with welcome words of the host, Radojica Radovic, after which visitors may see his bee yard and get introduced with the principles of honey production and legends from this area.

Then follows products tasting in an authentically designed room. Besides priganice, visitors may try dried fruit, minced figs and almonds and walnuts in honey.

The programme is planned to last for around two hours.

Optimal number of visitors is fifteen per group.