Rijeka Crnojevića - What to do

After coming, visitors are welcomed and served grape brandy or juice by host Duško Jovićević.

In the adapted restaurant ambience of “Mostina”, owned by Duško Jovićević, you can enjoy fish specialities. The restaurant brand is based on the offer of quality homemade products – among other things, they are recognised by old grape brandy.   

Lunch is organised in “Medina”, and fish menu comprises: fish soup, dried and marinated carp, and different salads. Drinks on offer are fresh-made juices and different kinds of domestic wine, beer and brandy. It is charged by actual pricelist.

The visit to Rijeka Crnojevića may be fulfilled with interesting historic hike tours. Host Duško Jovićević will offer two programmes to guests interested in history.

  • Hiking tour to Obod caves (led by a guide hired by Duško Jovićević on guests’ demand)
  • Visiting Saint Petar’s house and introducing to its numerous purposes throughout the history (a guide is not anticipated, because the offer will be presented by a priest after an appointment is made by host Duško Jovićević, in compliance with interested guests).

The visit programme also covers the offer of organising boat ride with compulsory prior appointment. It is made online http://www.kayakmontenegro.com/contact.html.

For those keen on art impressions the following programme is on offer:

-Hiking tour along Art-path in Smokovci is organised by Igor Rakčević, an academic painter and president of Association of Visual Artists of Montenegro. He is in charge of providing a guide for the stated tour. The tour creator and host, Igor Rakčević, has worked it out in cooperation with other artists. Coming to the path is possible in two ways:

  • By car or mini-van for 8 persons
  • On foot from Rijeka Crnojevića or Poseljani, each lasting a couple of hours, and the host will provide a professional guide.

The length of the programme depends on visitors’ choice and includes a half-day or an all-day option.

Optimal number of visitors is from 8 to 15 per group.

Ideal time for visit is from the end of April to October.