Staniseljići - What to do

Host Aleksandar Bogojević

After coming in Staniseljići, the host will welcome visitors with a glass of grape brandy and then introduce them to the legends from this area.

The name of St Petar Cetinjski is said with respect, because he was their guest at the time when he conciliated disputed villages in Lješanska Nahija. On that occasion St Petar Cetinjski blessed their ancestor Bogdan. The old stone house (40sqm-sized) where St Petar sat has been reconstructed into a wine cellar of winery ‘Bogojević’, and home house has been enlarged to 300sqm. The winery was registerd by Aleksandar Bogojević in 2007. The products of this winery which successfully connect tradition and small family business are premium red wine “Bogdan”, a winner of many gold medals for quality, of which the latest was won at “Royal Challenge 2010” in Prague, “Pavlova” (Pavle’s) brandy and bitters.

Visiting the Church of St Cosmas and Damian and then the vineyard, is also on offer. The vineyard is at the altitude of 400m with a view of Skadar Lake. Maintaining long family tradition of best quality wine and brandy production, the Bogojevićs enriched it with scientific achievements in that field. Within the vineyard there is a winery where grapes are fermented and drained. Drained wine is removed to the wine cellar and transferred into barrels to mature. After this part of the programme, a degustation of homemade priganice with honey or marmalade and drinks on demand is planned.

After that, accompanied by the host, visitors may get around Krivi Vrh or Velja Gora and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Podgorica and surrounding places from one side, and of Skadar Lake from the other.

Next, those who are interested will have a traditional lunch in adapted rooms of Aleksandar Bogojević’s family house, which comprises a cocktail, a starter, a main dish, a desert, and a drink from the winery on demand. Various soups, traditional meat roasted under sač (a large metal lid under which meat is roasted or bread baked) with potatoes, and different homemade cakes and fruit delicacies are on offer.

  • Estimated time for lunch is around two hours.
  • Lunch with the degustation is €20 per person.
  • Tours are free of charge
  • Minimal group is 10 and maximal 30 visitors.
  • Best time for visit is the period from March to the end of October.