Staniseljići - About place

In upper part of Lješanska nahija, there is the village of Staniseljići well-known by its long vineyard and vinery tradition. It is easily reached, 15km away from Podgorica, only 3km drive from the road Podgorica-Cetinje. Thanks to its climate and geographical position, this area provides premium types of wine and grape brandy.

Nearby the village, at the local graveyard, there is the Church of Saint Cosmas and Damian. It probably originates from late XV or early XVI century. This small and interesting village church with the elements of gothic style is also valued for the icon of Saint Cosmas and Damian, after which the village citizens celebrate slava (a holy day).  

The legend about how the village was founded is connected with Ivan Crnojević (1465-1490), former ruler of Zeta, who wanted to build a town after he left the historic capital Zabljak. In the east side of Grac in Lješanska nahija, on the hill named Krivi vrh, there are foundations of old walls, around which there are piles of hewn and not hewn stone used for building, which he later gave up. However, the place was used as a base for founding Staniseljići.

Near this village, on Velja gora hill, there is a lookout with a wonderful view of Podgorica scenery and surrounding places from one side, and of Skadar Lake from the other. There is also the Church of St. Elias, a legacy by Duke Vuksan Bulatović from the XVII century. While he was imprisoned in Skadar, the only thing he could see from the prison was the hill and he promised to build a church on its top if he ever got out of it, which he later did.

What you must see when visit this place is its rich vegetation – from pomegranates, cornel cherry and walnuts, to numerous bushes of dog rose whose fruits are used for making cocktails, jams and marmalades. This area is rich of medicinal herbs, so beneficial effects of nettle, juniper, star gentian, hawthorn and walnut are used for bitters production. It is known that alcohol pulls out medicinal components from these herbs, and such bitters are a therapy not only for blood vessels but also for the whole organism.