Čevo - What to do

Family Vukotić has been traditionally dealing with production of prosciuttos and meat products, sausages and beef smoked hams, as well as far known Čevo cheese, and potato growing. A meat drier is situated in a 200-year old house which has been restored and made into an authentic space where visitors may see the process of meat drying with products tasting.

The family also owns a café that has hosted many guests, good homemade drinks devotees, willing to hear more about the legends from this area from the host. Next to the café, there is a room adapted for prosciutto slicing and packing, which is very attractive for visitors as it offers the possibility of self-service. Those interested may slice meat and cheese and take drinks or cook food by their wish there.

The visit programme starts with welcome words by the host Vuko Vukotić. Then he gives interested guests tour of the place and introduces them to its history: there they can find more information about Montenegrin Queen Milena Petrović-Njegoš, distinguished general serdar Janko Vukotić whose house may be visited and legacy seen. Nearby the place is a thrashing floor where in the past crucial decisions that influenced Montenegrin history were made.

After that follows the tour of the meat drier and then lunch in a purposely adapted room. In agreement with the host, guests will be able to buy prosciutto and vacuumed products by their wish. All interested guests will have an opportunity to visit the café where they will be able to relax and enjoy the company of their kind host.

Minimal number of guests per group is 10 and maximal 20.

Optimal period for visit is from June to September.