Draževina - What to do

In this wine and ethno village there is the house of host Neđeljko Burzanović with 12 suites, a large, over a hundred year old wine cellar and a room where domestic delicacies are served with homemade wine and brandy.

As a starter, on offer are: priganice, homemade honey, cheese, ham and homemade bread. These are served with grapes brandy, wormwood brandy, juniper brandy, bitters. Wines on offer are autochthonous wines of Draževina, Vranac and Tamjanika, and autochthonous white wine of Draževina. Domestic specialities are represented with kale as a side dish - domestic kastradina (dried and smoked sheep, mutton or goat meat), sausages, bacon or dried ribs. Other specialities on offer are lamb and veal roasted under sač, kačamak (polenta with cheese and cream) served with buttermilk, and spit-roasted pork and lamb.  

The visiting programme starts with welcome words by host Neđeljko Burzanović and with tasting brandy, and then guests are offered specialities of “the table of a good host” which comprises priganice, honey, cheese, prosciutto and dried figs. After that, wine tasting follows.

The programme proceeds with seeing cultural and historical sights in the very village and on the way to it.

Visitors coming from the direction of Cetinje will see Carev Laz, do a tour of surrounding villages and Radun’s tower, after which they will have lunch and wine tasting. Then they will visit the Tower of ban Milonjic, the hayfield, and the monuments of the battle in Krusi and watch panorama from the outlook.

If coming from the direction of Podgorica, the programme is the same, but the tour order is reverse.

Minimal number of guests is 8, and maximal is 40.

The arrangement price is €20 per person, transportation included, whereas guests are extra charged €5 per person for lunch (main course and specialities).

Visitors who have their own transportation are charged €5 for drink and food tasting and additional €5 for lunch per person