Gornji Kokoti - What to do

The Pejović family has had a tradition of growing wine grape and producing wine and grape brandy for more than one hundred years. Rajko Pejović, who is the owner of Pejović Winery, has been carrying out this work for two decades. Mr Pejović is a member of the Association of the Regions’ Winemakers and National Association of Winemakers. The vinery possesses 5ha (equals 12.35 acres) vineyard in Gornji Kokoti. Yearly, they produce around 3,000l of wine and 1,000l of grape brandy. They are planning to increase wine and brandy production in the following period, and to build a brand new and larger cellar equipped with modern technology. In compliance with that, they would be able to rival home and regional competition.   

Being situated in rural area, the Pejović family tend to provide guests with recreation through staying in protected environment with food and drinks degustation. In that way, they want to support tourists coming to the village.

The visit programme starts with welcome words by host Rajko Pejović, and then tour of wine cellar with degustation of wine and brandy follows, on demand. After that, the interested guests may visit hill Bogomolja and view the panorama of Podgorica and surrounding villages. Backwards to the village, some kinds of recreation, such as walking village tracks or doing sport are on offer. The household is included into the programme of rural tourism development.

On demand, guests may spend a night in the suites within the house. Three double room suites are on offer. The price of stay is €10 per person per night.