Gornji Ceklin - What to do

Arriving in the village, guests are welcomed by the host with a glass of grape brandy from Ceklin, sour cherries, blueberries and cornel cherry liqueur or homemade raspberry or blueberry juice.

Danilo Vukmirović grows the most quality grape varieties at his 3ha vineyard. He grows “vranac” variety in the upper vineyard and rose and white wine grape varieties in the lower vineyard.

There is a legend about Saint Pater’s coming to Gornji Ceklin when he said: “As long as there is cekin, there will be Ceklin”. Cekin – former gold coins and now the name of Danilo Vukmirović’s honey and wine cellar.

Wormwood and blackberry honey, mead and different kinds of bitters, such as of gentian and star gentian, are the most prominent among a wide range of products from the family farm, which have won awards at fair in the region. Wide fruit varieties, from apple and pomegranate to kiwi and quince, contribute the quality of products. It resulted in many homemade delicacies, such as cocktails with fruit and nuts, and fruit liquors.

            A 3-4 hours long visit programme covers:

  • Touring of the vineyard with grapes tasting. During the tour, the host Danilo Vukmirović will introduce the guests to the ways and conditions of wine and brandy production and storage.
  • Visiting the apiary on demand and introducing to principles of honey production.
  • Visiting the orchard where guests may also take part in picking fruit.
  • Tasting honey and fruit delicacies in an authentic room for break and refreshment. Pouring off honey may also be seen there.
  • Lunch for interested guests which includes priganice, prosciutto, homemade bread and cheese, salad, and cakes of honey and fruit from the family orchard. Lunch is charged €10 per person.
  • Finally, visiting the wine cellar where the interested guests may buy some of the offered products of this family.

An optimal number of guests is 15-20.

The household owns two rooms available for staying for a night. One room has three beds – a double and a single bed, and the other is a single-room with a bathroom without a water-heater. Staying is charged by agreement.

An ideal period for visits is from the end of May to September.