Gornji Ceklin - About place

Gornji Ceklin is a village belonging to Riječka nahija. It is 30km far from Podgorica and 15km from Cetinje. For its favourable position, it represents an ideal location for growing different kinds of fruit, vegetable and wine grapes, and for fresh air and gentle nature, it is a right choice for bee-keeping.

The villages of Riječka nahija are characterised by stone houses with a farm, and narrow paths connecting households. Nowadays, especially after building the main road Podgorica-Cetinje, sparse settling is evident. However, it has not affected quality and variety of products that this area is rich with, because the villagers have managed to keep the tradition of production. Therefore, all visitors may enjoy miscellaneous offer of honey and fruit delicacies, as well as many cocktails and delicious jams, and lovers of good drink may have inevitable grape brandy and wine.

One of the best known princes of Riječka nahija, Grujica Lopičić, came from Ceklin. He saved St Petar Cetinjski’s life, and Njegoš buried him in front of Vlaška Church with full honours. If you visit this place, you may hear more about stories and legends of this area from kind hosts.   

The word ceklin means “shallow spot” in Albanian.