Brčeli - What to do

Kopitović family settled in Donji Brčeli in the 15th century and they have been growing vine, primary grape variety Vranac, and Kratošija in smaller quantity. The vineyards are situated at rich ground, ideal altitude and are characterized by blessed influence of sun behind the steeps of hill Sojak, which causes plenty of sunny days.

Within the house there is tavern Sojak, more than 300 years old, used for production and storage of wine and brandy. The tradition is continued through application of inevitable modern technological methods that preserve recognizable quality of Crmnica wine. Wine and brandy are produced in limited quantity, in order to achieve better quality.

A degustation restaurant has been built in an authentic style within the house. There visitors have opportunity to taste homemade wine and brandy with specialties of traditional cuisine. The total capacity of receiving guests is 42+20.

The visiting tour starts with a welcome by hosts Žarko and Sneža Kopitović. Then visitors get introduced to the programme with the following offers:

  • Getting around vineyards with degustation of 2-3 wine sorts, and then visiting Kopitović Winery cellar
  • Visiting Monasteries Donji and Gornji Brčeli
  • Organizing hiking tours to Bjelasica hill, whose top offers a lookout with a view to Podgorica, Skadar Lake, Lesendro Island and Albany. It is situated at the altitude of 600m. The starting point is reached by car, and then follows two-hour hiking up to the top.
  • Boat riding across Skadar Lake

After these tours, traditional lunch in the tavern follows, by visitors’ wish:

STARTER: priganice, honey, walnuts, dried figs, proja (cornbread with eggs and cheese), homemade sausages, homemade cheese, homemade bread and olives.

Prices for a group of 10 people - €10 per person

Prices for a group of more than 10 people - €8 per person

STARTER: priganice, honey, walnuts, dried figs, proja, marinated fish, homemade cheese, homemade bread, olives.

Prices for a group of 10 people - €15 per person

Prices for a group of more than 10 people - €12 per person

LUNCH: lamb or veal thick soup, roasted lamb or veal and potatoes, salad and homemade bread.

Prices for a group of 10 people - €15 per person

Prices for a group of more than 10 people - €12 per person

LUNCH: fish soup, fried carp, potato and chard side dish, homemade bread

Instead of carp, there may be served fried trout with boiled potatoes and chard and homemade bread, but without fish soup (if someone wants fish soup, it is extra charged €1.50 per person)

Prices for a group of 10 people - €10 per person

Prices for a group of more than 10 people - €8 per person


  • A portion of homemade cheese - €4
  • A portion of prosciutto - €4
  • A portion of olives - €2
  • 1dcl glass of wine - €1.50
  • A glass of grape brandy - €1

Prices of other drinks (juices, water, mineral water and spirits) are charged as in other average restaurants.

Patišpanj (a single layered cake) is served as dessert – it is charged €1 a piece.

VAT is not included in prices.

If a guest wants to buy or order a bottle of wine, prices per a bottle are as follows:

  • 0.75l barrique vintage 2009 - €10
  • 0.5l vintage 2009 - €7
  • 0.75l vintage 2009 - €12
  • 0.5l barrique vintage 2009 - €9
  • 0.75l domestic brandy - €12
  • 0.5l domestic brandy - €10

Minimal group of visitors are 10, and maximal 40 people.

It is necessary to make a prior appointment, at least 7 days in advance, as hosts could prepare adequately.

After lunch, if they wish, visitors may go swimming in the River Oraoštica, so called the Opačka River, that runs in the foot of Opačac hill. It is wild and untouched nature. The river is clear greenish blue. The banks are connected with a bridge built in the 15th century, covered in ivy, making it a special look. This activity is recommended to adventurous visitors.

A visit to Žarko and Sneža’s household is the best choice for those keen on rural setting, quality wine and traditional cuisine.

“Winery Kopitović” and tavern “Sojak” hosted many home and foreign visitors, and are known as organizers of conferences and round tables, such as:

  • The Fifth Regional Conference for Development and Cooperation in the Field of Viticulture and Wine Production in South-Eastern Europe, in December 2008, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management;
  • Round table entitled “Casting around for life history of Stephen the Little”, organized by NGO Crmnica and  Municipal council of Cetinje, where 14 most eminent Montenegrin academics (Mijat Šuković, Radovan Radonjić, Novak Kilibarda, Todor Baković, Jakov Mrvaljević, and others) took part.