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  • Premium red wine “Sojak” 2009 and 2010
  • Premium wine of Crmnica “Scepan Mali”
  • Wine of Crmnica “Sojak\\\\\\\" bariqe
  • Premium red wine “Poskok”, made of selected dried grapes, of limited production, up to three times more expensive and stronger than the sorts of wine mentioned above.


  • Grape brandy from Crmnica “Sojak”


  • Silver medal at Budva Fair, for “Sojak”, vintage 2008,
  • Silver medals at Novi Sad Fair for “Sojak” and “Scepan Mali”,
  • Silver medals at The 14th Festival of Wine and Bleak in Virpazar for “Sojak” wine vintage 2010 and “Poskok” vintage 2010.
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