Dubovik - What to do

The family Martinović have been pursuing bee-keeping in the traditional manner for years. Growing in a bee-keeper’s family, Lidija was acquiring her first knowledge in and developed love for bees and their products. Thanks to favourable climate conditions and richness of melliferous flowers in the foot of mountain Lovćen, they have a variety of honey and honey-based cosmetic products on offer. The quality is proved by numerous awards and certificates.

After coming to Dubovik, all guests are given warm welcome by hostess Lidija Martinović, and then taken to the open space for degustation near an old facility possessed by the extended family.

The refreshments on offer are domestic prosciutto, cheese from Njeguši, priganice, homemade bread and honey from home apiary, as well as many honey-based delicacies, blueberry cakes and various fruit cocktails. In addition, domestic mead, various fruit juices and liqueurs are on offer.

After that, Lidija will introduce all interested guests to the principles of honey-based cosmetics production and medicinal products from API complex line. The API therapy represents a natural way of treatment with honey products with no ill effects.