Dubovik - About place

Dubovik is situated in the heart of Katunska nahija, in the foot of mountain Lovćen. It is on the fifth kilometre of the way from Cetinje to Njeguši and Kotor at the altitude of 915-935 metres.

The village got its name after the most represented tree species in this area – oak (orig. dub), so called Holly tree, cut and kindled at Christmas Eve, which announces the happiest Christian day – Christmas. Also, there are some rare tree species at this location, after which some parts of the village are named (Mukinja - whitebeam tree, Grab - hornbeam, etc.).

Dubovik belongs to a wider zone of National park “Lovćen” and it is characterized by picturesque landscapes in all four seasons. It is very rich in flora of medicinal and meadow and mountain honey plants. All these make it favourable for bee-keeping, plants and forest fruit collecting.

Climate conditions of this area are specific because impacts of Mediterranean and continental climates overlap, making it an ideal place for relaxation and recreation. For its specific climate and altitude combination, Dubovik represents a spa.

There have been three catering facilities here for ages – taverns for providing services to travellers and travel writers, which have kept their authentic ambience and the tradition. There are also numerous old housings and other facilities giving evidence about living conditions and dealing with agriculture and stock breeding in the past.    

There are many old tracks connecting the village with the National park and other villages from the surrounding. During the summer months, they are suitable for recreational biking. Unfortunately, by reason of emigration, they are less in use.

The very characteristics of the village are rainwater tanks, built primitively, being used to provide water to the villagers and livestock. Nearby the village there are a few caves which were used as shelters during wars.